Timeline of Infocinc:
past and current events

January 2017

BioTelemetry Inc.

BioTelemetry, Inc. is the leading remote medical technology company focused on the delivery of health information to improve quality of life and reduce cost of care.

Services Provided

Software development for a remote patient monitoring platform supporting population health management.
January 2015

Telcare Inc.

Telcare Inc. develops medical monitoring and communication devices for mobile devices.

Services Provided

Software development for cellular enabled blood glucose meter, personal online portal.
January 2015

Blog of Infocinc

Are you a coder or a fan of the latest trends in web technologies ? Check out our blog for posts about Node.js, KeystoneJS, Ghost and other interesting bits of technology.

Is it a Wordpress site?

No. We use Ghost as our blogging platform. It runs on Node.js and is 100% open-source and supported by a growing community of developers.
December 2014

Infocinc website

Our brand new website. Re-designed from scratch and built for the future.

What's new in it ?

Our previous website was more or less a simple one pager. This website features multiple sections and is powered by KeystoneJS, an open-source CMF written entirely in javascript that runs on Node.js. It's also grounds for experimentation: a cool sliding side menu and some slick canvas overlay animations.
June 2014

Centre Dentaire Martin Dutil

The Centre Dentaire Martin Dutil is a well established dental clinic in Ahuntsic since 1988. Martin Dutil Dental Centre offers several professional services such as general dentistry, teeth whitening , cosmetic dentistry as well as bridges and...

Our role:

We have completely rebuilt the foundations of the website with the Bootstrap 3.0 framework. It is now one of the few dental clinics in Quebec to offer its desktop content on phones and tablets. Infocinc is the webmaster and makes periodic updates to the site.
May 2014


NuAyre is a company from Quebec that sells odor eliminators. Nuayre products are available at selected IGA, BMR and AVRIL Supermarché Santé

Our involvement

Nuayre wanted a brand new website for promoting its line of products. We created a one page 'scroller' that would serve as a landing page. At the same time, we also helped Nuayre with its Facebook profile and created a photo ad, which has been seen by over 150K people in the Quebec area.
April 2014


Birth of Infocinc: web development and consulting services.

What is our mission ?

Offer services of high quality. Infocinc specializes in high performance web technologies. We offer consulting services. For more detail, see our services section.